Adam & The Ants - Friend Or Foe

  1. Friend Or Foe
  2. Something Girls
  3. Place In The Country
  4. Desperate But Not Serious
  5. Here Comes The Grump
  6. Hello I Love You
  7. Goody Two Shoes
  8. Crackpot History And The Right To Lie
  9. Made Of Money
  10. Cajun Twisters
  11. Try This For Sighs
  12. Man Called Marco
  13. Goody Two Shoes (Single Mix)
  14. Coup D'Etat (Outtake)
  15. Goody Two Shoes (Adam Drums)
  16. Here Comes The Grump (Adam Drums)
  17. Little Italy (Adam Drums)
  18. Made Of Money (Adam Drums)
  19. Place In The Country (Adam Drums)
  20. And So You Shall (Adam Drums)
  21. Yellowbeard (Adam Drums)
  22. I Know They Know (Adam Drums)
  23. Gargoyles Are Go (Adam Drums)
  24. Good Sex Rumples The Clothing (Previously Unreleased)