Lee Ann Womack - Something Worth.../ I Hope You Dance (2 CD)

Something Worth Leaving Behind:
  1. Something Worth Leaving Behind
  2. I Saw Your Light
  3. When You Gonna Run To Me
  4. Talk To Me
  5. Forever Everyday
  6. Orphan Train
  7. I Need You
  8. You Should've Lied
  9. He'll Be Back
  10. Surrender
  11. Blame It On Me
  12. Closing This Memory Down
  13. Something Worth Leaving Behind
    Bonus Track With Willie Nelson:
  14. Mendocino County Line

I Hope You Dance:

  1. The Healing Kind
  2. I Hope You Dance
  3. After I Fall
  4. Stronger Than I Am
  5. I Know Why The River Runs
  6. Why They Call It Falling
  7. Ashes By Now
  8. Thinkin' With My Heart Again
  9. I Feel Like I'm Forgetting Something
  10. Lonely Too
  11. Does My Ring Burn Your Finger
  12. Lord I Hope This Day Is Good