UB40 - The Collection

  1. Orchestral Dub (Live In Russia)
  2. Food For Thought
  3. If It Happens Again
  4. Kingston Town
  5. Higher Ground
  6. Red Red Wine
  7. Rat In Mi Kitchen (Live In Russia)
  8. Tell Me Is It True
  9. Many Rivers To Cross
  10. I Got You Babe (With Chrissie Hynde)
  11. The Pillow
  12. The Train Is Coming
  13. Sing Our Own Song
  14. One In Ten
  15. Bring Me Your Cup
  16. Please Don't Make Me Cry
  17. Cover Up (Couvre La)
  18. The Way You Do The Things You Do
    (Live At Finsbury Park)
  19. I've Got Mine
  20. Don't Break My Heart
  21. Earth Dies Screaming
  22. Come Out To Play
  23. Groovin'
  24. Until My Dying Day
  25. Come Back Darling
  26. Can't Help Falling In Love